ERR - Employee Rights and Responsibilities for the SASE frameworks

The following guidelines are only to be used for Apprentices registered onto the SASE frameworks.

In the Hair and Beauty sector evidence of delivery of Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) is a mandatory requirement for a framework completion certificate.

The evidence requirement to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the ERR for the central certification authority is completion of the record of achievement Habia Apprenticeship ERR Record of Achievement

showing all of the nine national outcomes have been achieved. This should include the assessor's name and date each outcome was completed, the overall completion date and should be confirmed by apprentice, employer and provider's dated signatures. It is not necessary to send the workbook or portfolio.

The nine national outcomes of ERR are:

  1. knows and understands the range of employer and employee statutory rights and responsibilities under Employment Law and that employment rights can be affected by other legislation as well. This should cover the apprentice's rights and responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act, other relevant equalities legislation and Health and Safety, together with the responsibilities and duties of employers;
  2. knows and understands the procedures and documentation in their organisation which recognise and protect their relationship with their employer. Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity training must be an integral part of the apprentice's learning programme;
  3. knows and understands the range of sources of information and advice available to them on their employment rights and responsibilities. Details of Access to work and Additional Learning Support must be included in the programme;
  4. understands the role played by their occupation within their organisation and industry;
  5. has an informed view of the types of career pathways that are open to them;
  6. knows the types of representative bodies and understands their relevance to their industry and organisation, and their main roles and responsibilities;
  7. knows where and how to get information and advice on their industry, occupation, training and career;
  8. can describe and work within their organisation's principles and codes of practice;
  9. recognises and can form a view on issues of public concern that affect their organisation and industry

The NVQ Diploma includes Health and Safety. The other requirements will be covered primarily at induction, with the remaining aspects delivered at appropriate times during the Apprenticeship programme.

Habia Apprenticeship ERR Record of Achievement 

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