Apprentice Certification Online - ACE is the online certification system for apprentices who complete their apprenticeship on or after 13 April 2011.

The new Alliance declaration form can be downloaded below:

Alliance Apprentice Declaration Form

Old style certificate request forms are now obsolete and should not be used for applications submitted through ACE.

New certificates

If you request an Apprenticeship certificate using the ACE system, you will receive the new certificates with silver (advanced apprenticeship) or bronze (intermediate apprenticeship) foil seals.

New fees

  • Apprenticeship certification claims submitted via ACE - £22

Payment for certificates

Please continue to use your current payment method for certificates. If you pay by cheque (made payable to Habia, until informed otherwise), this will need to be sent at the same time you submit an application online. If you pay by purchase order, this can either be posted or emailed at the same time you submit an application online. Once the payment is cleared, only then will we issue and send certificates you apply for.

Centre Registration

To register your centre with ACE, please use the link below:

Visit the ERR section