Young people who have taken an Apprenticeship often have much better opportunities than those who haven't when it comes to the world of work.

As well as having the skills and experience employers look for, they have more confidence and a better understanding of what will be required from them in the workplace.

The main benefits are:

Wages: Apprentices are employed, and thus entitled to a wage, which allows young people to become used to the idea of earning a living whilst avoiding student debts. 

Training: Apprentices are given a mentor to help them progress with their training and develop a learning plan to meet their needs. This training is designed to bring the apprentice up to the standards that employers need them to be at to do the job well. The mentor will also be able to give regular feedback and identify where more work is needed.

Options: Many apprentices are given jobs with the employers they trained with. Others go onto further studies. Apprentices are often fast-tracked by their employers for promotion to more senior positions.
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