How do Apprenticeships benefit my business?

Apprenticeships bring a number of benefits to employers.

Apprentices make a contribution to a business by assisting and supporting senior members of staff in their job role from the start.

Employers are able to train Apprentices in their preferred house style throughout the training period. This means employers have a ready-made professional at the end of the Apprenticeship who can make a valuable and immediate contribution to the business.

Apprenticeships can:

Improve competitiveness and meet client demand: Apprenticeships can give your staff skills and techniques that help your business stay one step ahead of the competition and offer clients the latest treatments.

Increase productivity: As Apprenticeship training is on the job, Apprentices are contributing to the business from day one. Because they are gaining experience as they work towards their qualification, Apprentices can apply what they have learnt to the workplace environment.

Staff motivation and retention: Current staff can take an Apprenticeship, rewarding them for work done so far. This motivates them to move up to the next level, all whilst ensuring their further training meets the highest industry standards. Staff who feel valued and respected are far more likely to stay with you and contribute positively to the business.

Recruitment: All employers know the true cost of recruitment in terms of time and resources. Apprenticeships give you direct access to the best trained and most motivated young people in your region - and why are they the best trained? Because you helped train them!
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